Pumpkin Carving

I just purchased a set of German food carving tools  and started in on pumpkins. Here are a few that I did this week.  Next year I will be offering this as a service where you can buy individual pumpkins or have me carve at your event.

IMG_1450 Harry Potter


Frankenstein’s Monster ( Lon Chaney Style)


12143283_10201037518975823_8352450810399684008_n (1)

Count Dracula (Bela Lugosi Style)

IMG_1449Jack Skellington


Making St Nicholas look old

Many visitors in the studio comment on on how my St Nicholas carvings look antique. The process is really simple. I stain the carvings with layer after layer of color to build up the richness of the color, but the thin layers allow the figure (grain) of the wood to show through. Then I coat it with a really thick layer of gel stain and wipe it off with clean soft rags.  The photos show the process.


These are two Russian Dez Morod figures.   The Gel Stain is applied and ready for wiping. You might have guessed this is a messy process to say the least.







Lost Art Press Sign

This is a recent commission for Lost Art Press. They needed a new handmade wooden sign for their tradeshows. The sample was used to make sure that they liked the design and I am just starting on the full size sign. It is approximately 36″ high. It is loosely based on British Pub signs from the 1700’s. Most were painted but this one will be carved.

The top will have a pin for a removable finial. As part of this job I will also carve  a traditional carved pineapple, a beer mug and martini for starters. They will swap out the finials based on their mood.

Full Size Pattern for Sign
Full Size Pattern for Sign
Lost Art Press Sample Sign
Lost Art Press Sample Sign